Trump cited some dude with 17 followers to prove a point on the refugee crisis

Not that this is a shocking story...

Donald Trump just retweeted this:

This information is partially false. 10,000 Syrian refugees have entered the country, according to the State Department, about 78 percent are women and children.

There’s no real surprise that Trump retweeted this. Trump is well known for providing megaphones to the voices that support his xenophobic and ignorant causes. It is somewhat spectacular, though, just how far he is willing to extend that megaphone. 

Twitter account @TarukMatuk, at the time of the retweet, had 17 followers. In @TarukMatuk’s about 2,000 tweets, he has praised Philipino President, Rodrigo Duterte (known for his campaign is execute all drug users and dealers in the Philipines) and called Obama a Muslim. Last year, this guy wanted to know if he should return his iPhone because he forgot his password.

Somehow, in the mind of the guy who wants to be president of the United States, this was good stuff. I would go ahead and say WebMD is a more credible source on the Syrian refugee crisis than @TarukMatuk. There is writing on a bathroom stall in a Pizza Hut somewhere that is a more credible source of information than @TarukMatuk. Gary Johnson is even a more credible source on the refugee crisis than @TarukMatuk.

It’s hard to believe that people would want a president that uses some random dude on Twitter for his information on foreign policy.