Timofey Mozgov will bring showtime back to the Lakers

Timofey Mozgov has been signed by the LA Lakers, and this is very good news for everyone involved.

After signing a four-year deal worth $64 million, former Cleveland Cavalier Timofey Mozgov is officially an LA Laker. Despite being a 7’1″ center who averaged a putrid 4.4 rebounds last season, I firmly believe Mozgov can usher in a new era of showtime to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a local commercial Mozgov did for a restaurant in Cleveland:

Still unconvinced?

Here is a fashion spread he did for Russian Esquire. According to google translate, the caption for these photos reads, “Basketball Timothy Mozgov (216 cm), which from 2010 played in the NBA, he tried to try on a shirt designed for the common man.”



For the rest of this bewildering photoshoot, click here.

But Mozgov is more than just a Russian fashion icon, he is also an NBA champion. Sure, during this post-season he averaged just over one point and one rebound a game—but just look at how this man celebrates:

Welcome to Hollywood Mozgov, you’re going to do just fine.

Image via Getty Images