House of Cards – Season 4 Preview

What's next for Frank Underwood?


The House of Cards season 4 trailer just dropped and it has left us with more questions than answers. The emphasis is placed on the faulty and often teetering-on-the-edge-of-disaster marriage of Frank and Claire Underwood. “You have no idea what it means to have nothing,” Frank says angrily. “You don’t value what we have achieved. I have had to fight for everything my entire life!”

“I saw a future, our future,” Claire says.

“We had a future until you started destroying it,” Frank quips back.

Heavy stuff. Of course, this fighting comes at the worst time possible because Frank is running for re-election in the 2016 presidential campaign. Who will have his back now that Claire is against him? Congressional leadership distrusts him and won’t support his presidency. Vice President Donald Blythe is utterly useless. Remy Danton, former chief of staff, caught feelings for representative Jackie Sharp and quit the cold political world. Doug Stamper and Edward Meechum seem to be the only ones left for Underwood. These two are in it for the long-haul because Doug just murdered an ex-prostitute for him and Meechum had sex with him in what can only be referred to as the Threechum.


The Threechum

The trailer reveals some new characters although not much is known about them. Ellen Burstyn, Joel Kinnaman, and Neve Campbell are joining the show. Those names mean nothing to me, but apparently people like them and House of Cards has been excellent with casting.

Attached to the significant buzz surrounding House of Cards season 4 are the numerous rumors. One of the most prominent fan theories is Claire running against Frank for the presidency. Claire jumping into the presidential campaign as a new candidate seems unlikely as they are already in the primary elections. More realistically, Claire could band together with Frank’s competitor as Vice President or another significant role. Another theory is that the new characters highlighted in the trailer will form a power couple to rival Frank and Claire. This new power couple will be Frank’s main opponent in the presidential campaign. We know Frank is running against Heather Dunbar for the Democratic Party, but this couple could be on the unseen Republican side of things. Lastly, Doug Stamper is rumored to die. He’s clearly not afraid of violence – in the trailer we see him suffocating someone with a glass – so this could land him in some dangerous situations. That being said, Doug seems like a pretty tough guy to kill considering he survived a brick to the head.

Considering House of Cards is already scheduled for a 5th season, the only thing that seems certain is that Frank won’t die. But who knows? Maybe the creators want a season to focus on Freddy and his ribs. House of Cards season 4 releases March 4th on Netflix.


Will anything stop this guy?


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