“Have a Heart” – Cymbals Eat Guitars

At first glance Cymbals Eat Guitars is a stereotypical indie-rock band from New York City. Traditionally, their style is easily compared to 90’s prototype bands like The Pixies, Modest Mouse and Pavement. However, their new album Pretty Years shows the band departing from that sound. Standout track, “Have a Heart,” is an excellent example of their evolution. The track’s sparkling, upbeat instrumentation owes more to the pop-driven music of The Cure than any 90s band. Right off the bat, the sugary sweet synth catches your attention, giving way to vocalist, Joseph D’Agostino’s scratchy, distorted rasp. The song exudes the positive energy that comes with falling in love as D’Agostino croons, “Can’t believe the shit that we were promised / really might exist.”