Game of Thrones: “The Door”

Episode 5 comes with many reveals, and many more questions.

“Is it too late now to say sorry?”–Petyr Baelish

Our episode opens with puppet-master Petyr Baelish flustered before the woman he’s betrayed. With Brienne at her side, Sansa is not letting him get off easy. While for many the shift came a bit too late, she is finally taking the reigns, and is currently the best hope for house Stark to reclaim the North. As Baelish transitions from player to puppet, Sansa has transitioned from pawn to player. But Littlefinger is a wily one, so it would be unwise to expect him to stay subservient for long.

Pictured: The Roast of Petyr Baelish

“The books were better” —Arya Stark

Arya has taken a break from being an assassin/everybody’s favorite ninja turtle for a relaxing day at the theater.

Pictured: Arya Stark


What she finds is a comical retelling of the war of five kings that makes her laugh, cry, and hits a little bit too close to home. It’s Game of Thrones, WITHIN Game of Thrones.


The scene is ridiculous, but the primary function seems to be a reminder to Arya, and the viewer, that she is certainly not no-one. When the waif says, “You’ll never be one of us,” it reads oddly like foreshadowing.

“Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame” – The OG White Walker

Continuing on the time traveling escapades of Bran and Raven, we witness the creation of the first white walker. That’s a wrap on that whodunit: It was the Elf Lady, with the Dragon Glass, in the Heart Tree.


The reveal that the Walkers were created by the Children of the Forest can’t help but conjure up a Humanity vs. Nature subtext for the upcoming battle against darkness. Will man pay for his hubris, or reign triumphant? Find out over the next few years (if you watch the series) or never (if you stick to the books).

“Make Pyke Great Again” – Euron Greyjoy

During the Iron Island’s surprisingly Democratic process in choosing an Authoritarian ruler, Euron Greyjoy, fresh off a murder, mutton-chops flared, seems to have taken charge. But since Yara and Theon made off with the royal fleet, the crown is still up in the air. I’d like to offer a quick analysis of the two candidates:

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 3.07.26 PM

“Don’t you (forget about me)” –Ser Jorah Mormont

At Vaes Dothrok, Jorah and Danaerys share a sappy goodbye, and Jorah rides off into the sunset. A cure for greyscale is not unprecedented, but has been presented as unlikely in this case.

Back in Mereen, a fragile peace has taken hold. To bolster the Dragon Queen’s image during her absence, Tyrion turns to religious fanaticism, since that’s never backfired in the past.


But since it seems the religion of the Lord of Light actually works, Varys’ calls for reason are quickly overshadowed by the new red priestess’ otherworldly knowledge concerning his childhood.

“Fuck this. You’re saying the whole reason I could only say one word for the past forty years was because I was forced, AGAINST MY WILL, to hold a door for some kid who can’t restrain himself from entering other dimensions? That’s a textbook injustice, people. Hopefully, my death was not for naught, but it’s frankly a bit depressing that the entire meaning to my life was so one-dimensional” – Hodor a.k.a. Willis

Back at the tree, Bran strayed from the path of his wise master, and realized that there was good reason the Raven told him not to use the time travel-y tree unsupervised. He was just milling about, walking through a bit of an odd crowd, when he TOTALLY GOT ICED.

The horror
The horror

Now, the Night’s King knows his location and all hell breaks loose. Bran’s little fantasy is over as he realizes the repercussions of his irresponsibility. More significantly, it shows that he can indeed change what happens in the past, yet somehow all the changes have already happened, so he can’t actually change the present? I think? Time travel is weird.


Even MORE significantly, poor Hodor. Props to GOT’s classiest doorman and personal assistant for being there through thick and thin, good times and bad. He gave up his mind and his entire life to fulfill this one purpose, let’s hope its worth it, because Hodor, is no M(od)ore.