Game of Thrones: “Blood of My Blood”

Many old faces return, albeit partially...

Episode 6 has come and gone. The Lannisters are on the outs, Walder Frey reenters the fray, and more… Here is episode 6 as it happened.

“I don’t get paid enough for this.” –Meera Reed

The episode opens with Meera Reed’s burgeoning rickshaw service, with young Bran in tow. Unfortunately, the terrain is less than ideal. Beyond that, they’re being pursued by wights trying to reach Bran before his otherworldly knowledge upload is complete, which is oddly reminiscent of that scene from Avengers: Age of Ultron. We do get a glimpse of Bran’s visions, which include important figures such as young Sean Bean, Aerys “Good City, M.A.A.D. King” Targaryen, and Bran himself. The situation seems dire for our Northernmost duo, until they are saved by a mysterious stranger…

“Time has not been kind to me.” – Uncle Benjen


The guy we didn’t even remember from season 1, Benjen Stark, crushes some wights and shocks some book-readers in one fell swoop. He’s half-dead, hopefully not half-brained, and ready to offer his service to our new three-eyed raven, Bran Stark.

“Now if you look on your left…”– Samwell Tarly

We cut to Samwell’s tour service down South. He makes an excellent guide as he explains the beautiful local greenery to Gilly. Alas, we find it’s just out of nerves regarding his upcoming family reunion. We then meet Sam’s sister and mother, bafflingly nice, seemingly just to contrast with this guy:


Randyll Tarly is a total douche, dropping fat jokes about his son faster than he drops deer. Sam’s a nice guy, Gilly makes a misstep, yada yada yada, Sam snatches up that good Valyrian steel and everyone’s on their way. That was a nice pit stop. Granted, we may end up in a “The Most Dangerous Game” type of situation if Randyll and Dickon Tarly decide to take up the hunt.

“Congratulations… You played yourself.” – The High Sparrow


Continuing to have no will of his own, Tommen is quickly convinced to ally with the High Sparrow against his family’s wishes. Granted, if Natalie Dormer asked me to do something, I’d probably do it too. There’s no way Margary is actually sold on the whole religious zeal thing. She’s playing the long game while the Lannisters are playing the short game and making out with each other, and Tommen’s playing no game whatsoever. Bonus props go to the High Sparrow for being the first person to make Olenna Tyrrell look stupid.

“Fuck it. I’m out.” – Arya Stark

Arya’s having second thoughts about the whole mindless killer thing. Truthfully, this is an exciting development, since an emotionally involved Arya is much more interesting than watching “a girl” go about her killing. She saves Lady Crane, makes all future cast meetings just a tad awkward, and gets outta there. She found the “needle in the rock pile,” like the expression goes, and is hopefully taking the first train back to Westeros. Unfortunately for everyone, the Waif will be close behind.

“Welcome, to Comedy Central’s roast of my incompetent sons.” –Walder Frey

Over at the twins, we are treated to a wonderful scene of Walder Frey ROASTING two men, from his legion of children. This is the first event he’s hosted since the Red Wedding, so it’s nice to see him back, not dead yet, and still holding that huge chip on his shoulder. For leverage, he has some rando no one remembers from a few seasons ago, aka Edmure Tully. I like the geographical shift taking place on the show. Some of the best GOT scenes took place in the Riverlands area, so this is a welcome place to revisit.


new phone, who dis?


“BRB” – Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, Queen of the Andels and the First Men, the rightful ruler of Westeros

Rounding off our episode, Dany delivers a rousing speech after fetching her dragon around the corner. If her troops aren’t impressed after this, I don’t know what it’ll take. This does beg the question of whether, as our favorite Khaleesi grows into her leadership role, her connection with Drogon is strengthening. Regardless, it seems Benioff and Weiss are about to do what George R.R. Martin could not, break the Mereenese knot, and get Dany the hell over to Westeros.