“Best to You” – Blood Orange

According to Dev Hynes, the enigmatic producer/performer behind Blood Orange, his latest album Freetown Sound is “for everyone told they’re not black enough, too black, too queer, not queer the right way … it’s a clapback.” While the majority of the album deals with more global concepts of alienation, on “Best to You” Hynes instead centers on a deeply personal tale of a lover’s rejection. Of Empress—Hynes vocal partner on the track—opens the song, singing, “Call it all for nothing/ But I’d rather be nothing to you/ Than be a part of something/ Of something that I didn’t do.” Despite the song’s dancey production, the lyrics cut deep with their devastating articulations of loneliness.

Other highlights of the excellent Freedom Sound include, “Augustine,” “Hadron Collider,” and “Hands Up.”