Best 50 Songs of 2016

If there is one redeeming quality about the furious train wreck that was 2016, it’s that a lot of good music came out. Here are 3|SP’s picks for the 50 best tracks of 2016:

10. “All Night” – Beyonce

This song is great for forgiving Jay-Z for cheating on you.

9. “Conrad Tokyo” – A Tribe Called Quest

This song is great for Q-Tip’s creative production, Phife Dawg’s and Kendrick Lamar’s unsettling verses, and taking a shot at SNL for letting Trump host an episode. Rest in peace, Phife.

8. “Cranes in the Sky” – Solange

This song is great for its heartbreaking depiction of racial opression and the best use of the hi-hat since Rihanna’s “Umbrella.” Also, for showing you’re not the underachiever in the family.

7. “Higher” – Rihanna

This song is great for being the best bootycall of all time.

6. “Ultralight Beam” – Kanye West

This song is great for being delivered unto the Lord. Also, for being the soundtrack to The Passion of the Christ if it were directed by Baz Luhrman.  

5. “Alaska” – Maggie Rogers

This song is great for reminding you that Alaska is a state, or for blowing Pharrell’s mind with the originality of its sound.

4. “33 ‘God’” – 22, A Million

This song is great for when you are exploring the uncharted wilderness in 1823 and sustain life-threatening injuries from a brutal bear-attack. Grief-stricken and fueled by vengeance, you trek through the snowy terrain to track down the man who betrayed you.

3. “Best to You” – Blood Orange

This song is great for:

2. “Killer Whales/Drunk Drivers” – Car Seat Headrest

This song is great for GET OUT OF MY ROOM, MOM!”

1. “White Ferrari” – Frank Ocean

This song is great for hearing Kanye West sample The Beatles’ “Here, There And Everywhere,” and for its emotional finale provided by James Blake. Also, great for playing in an actual white Ferrari.