Best 50 Songs of 2016

If there is one redeeming quality about the furious train wreck that was 2016, it’s that a lot of good music came out. Here are 3|SP’s picks for the 50 best tracks of 2016:

50. “Subways” – The Avalanches

This song is great for showing us that The Avalanches haven’t lost a step after a 16-year hiatus.


49.“Heartbreaks” – Terror Jr

This song is great for turning “flip-flops” into a symbol of toughness and making us consider what would happen if Nick Cannon were in a room with Steve Bannon.

48.“Location” – Khalid

This song is great for being the most romantic song about using Apple Maps. 

47.“A.H.B” – RR7349

This song is great for driving through the streets of Los Angeles pretending you are Ryan Gosling in Drive.

46.“Self Control” – Frank Ocean

This song is great for Yung Lean KILLING it in the interlude.

45.“Kanye West”- Young Thug

This song is great for making no sense whatsoever – but the heart has no reason.

44.“GIRLS @” – Joey Purp

This song is great for having the most fun beat of 2016 and for finally giving the girls who are reading Ta-Nehisi Coates in the club the recognition they deserve.

43.“LA Confidential” – Tory Lanez

This song is great for giving someone a hint that you are not trying to commit to a serious relationship. Also, this music video could probably be adapted into an episode of Black Mirror.

42.“In Your Eyes (feat. Charlotte Day Wilson)” – BADBADNOTGOOD

This song is great for a whiskey commercial.

41.“Come and See Me (feat. Drake) – PARTYNEXTDOOR

This song is great for getting chewed out by your significant other.