“All Nite (feat. Vince Staples)” – Clams Casino

Vince Staples flows ferociously on “All Nite,” a single off of Clams Casino’s new album 32 Levels. The dark, intense beat is a manifestation of Staples’ lyric, “All gas, no brakes, might break your face,” as it pushes the listener through the non-stop gangster lifestyle of in Long Beach, California.

The music video, directed by Ryan Staake, captures the ceaseless action of Staples’ rhymes. “Multiple scenes were shot repeatedly throughout the day and into the evening,” Staake said, “We knew that Vince’s dynamic movements would fit the approach, and we embraced the subtle differences between each of his performance takes, allowing us to turn him into a shape-shifting creature traversing space and time.”

32 Levels comes out on July 15th via Columbia Records.